Haus Ehrenberg

This facility is a family-run, public residential and nursing home that has specialized in the needs of older people with care needs. In the five different living areas, the seniors live completely self-determined in a harmonious family association. To promote this independence, the residents are only supported when it is necessary.

An appreciative and careful interaction with one another is very important at our house. The wide range of care, social and leisure activities strengthen the sense of community and make contacts possible. Patients with advanced illnesses and a limited life expectancy receive palliative care and nursing. Bereavement management and terminal care are also important. Volunteer hospice helpers support the work of the nursing staff. Haus Ehrenberg has 76 long-term care places and five short-term care places.

Haus Ehrenberg
Krankenhausstraße 40, 6600 Ehenbichl
Tel.: 05672 64 601
Email: info@hausehrenberg.at